West Milford Real Estate and Rental opportunities in North Jersey and surrounding areas


you must appear financially sound - do not move your money for six months prior to your purchase, and do not make any major purchases

improve your credit score

learn what you can afford

get pre-approved not just prequalified

save for down payment, closing costs

factor in costs in addition to monthly mortgage expenses, like property taxes, utilities and homeowner-association dues

hire a home inspector

your opening bid should be reasonable so as not to turn-off the seller

learn about the neighborhood by dropping by at different times of the day and night

choosing a full-time agent, abreast of modern techniques used to get you through the process know what you're buying, get a survey

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choosing a full-time agent, abreast of modern techniques used to get you through the process

learn what your home is worth then price it appropriately from the start you may not get a second or third chance with buyers that had shown an interest - the first 30 days are very important

increase your property?s appeal, inside and outside

de-personalize rooms by removing posters and pictures - so the buyers can better envision themselves using that space

the kitchen is a center-point to a buyer. It should smell clean, and look as open and as large as possible

remove pets and pet dishes while showing home

scat - so buyers can move freely throughout as comfortably as possible. if they have questions they will get them to you

capture great photos - a minimum of 8

the seller, and agent, should be able be able to talk about the schools, the recreation, shopping - they're buying into a neighborhood and lifestyle

use a storage unit while your house in on the market. You can't fit everything into closets, and people may want to view closet space

listen to any criticism offered to you by your agent

lighten up the rooms with paint and light

know all the selling points - convenience to transportation, shopping, etc

learn what's not working quickly so you can adjust your marketing strategy for the home.

some sellers offer incentives like paying for closing costs, inspections, or repairs, or providing allowances or credits for home upgrades after closing

Images and descriptions provided as a courtesy. Properties may have a listing agent. Good luck in your search, and verify information provided here for accuracy.

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